Sprinkler Repairs and Installations

Keep Your Yard Healthy With a Reliable Water Source

If you wish to have a healthy, green, and lush yard, you must use a sprinkler on the hot spring and summer days to ensure it gets the drink of water required. Thankfully, you have friends at Grass Masters Yard Care who can help with sprinkler repairs and installation. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to safeguard your lawn from drought. We work quickly because we understand how rapidly your yard can turn when it doesn’t have a supply of water to maintain its health. Give us a call today and allow us to check out your lawn and assess the needs of your other landscape as well. Our trained professionals will help you find the right sprinkler or give your current system the repairs needed to deliver the necessary water.

Sprinkler Repairs, Installation, and More

It may seem like a simple task to purchase and install a sprinkler by yourself, but depending on your yard and the need for your lawn and landscaping, you could use the help of a professional. Grass Masters Yard Care has spent many years in Utah, helping home and business owners find the right sprinkler to meet all their needs. Don’t waste money purchasing a sprinkler system that won’t give you the coverage needed or requires you to work twice as hard. Save yourself money monthly by allowing us to help you get the right irrigation system. If you already have the best irrigation setup, we also offer repairs services to keep it working for you and your landscaping. We can schedule regular maintenance visits, or you can rely on us when there is an emergency.

Commercial Landscape

Experience in the Industry

For more than 30 years, we have worked with all sorts of different sprinkler systems. We have kept ourselves up-to-date on all innovations while retaining the knowledge of traditional irrigation systems. No matter your need for a new sprinkler or the condition of your current one, our well-trained professionals have you covered.

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