Yard Cleanups and Restoration

Grass Masters Landscaping and Zeroscaping Keeps Your Yard Clean All Year

Whether it’s cleaning up the leaves from Utah’s beautiful fall or getting your yard ready for the exciting summer ahead, Grass Masters Landscaping and Zeroscaping helps keep your yard looking beautiful! We come equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively remove debris such as leaves, snow, twigs, and branches. Our yard cleanup and restoration services also help you stay within the guidelines of your HOA (Home Owner Association). Get the landscaping you have been dreaming of by working with our trained and professionally equipped yard experts. Call today, and we will discuss the condition of your yard and the frequency in which we need to visit for cleanups.

Benefits of Yard Cleanup From Grass Masters Yard Care

Many homeowners don’t believe they need to rake the leaves in their yard after they fall, but this is not the case. In fact, allowing the leaves to sit in your yard can spell disaster for your grass once the warm weather returns and melts the snow. Having the leaves on your grass can kill your lawn over the winter because they will suffocate the blades and shield them from the sun. Come springtime, you may have to replant your entire yard with new grass seed.

Yard Cleanup

Other Benefits of Yard Cleanup

Below are some of the landscaping maintenance services you can expect when you hire our crew:

Displace Pesky Insects

Invasive species of insects can live in the dying, moist leaves on the ground, and not clearing them properly can give them a haven in which to thrive. They can then make their way to the rest of your landscaping, especially the trees, to eat and destroy them. We aim to help your plant life have the best possible life and save you money from having to replace your trees and bushes.

Remove Mold and Bacteria

The dead plant life can harvest potentially dangerous mold and bacteria for your lawn. Yard cleanups from our crew help to keep your yard healthy and free of disease that could spread to the rest of your landscaping.

Yard Cleanup and Restoration Services for Utah Homes

Equipped with the industry’s best tools, our landscapers at Grass Masters Landscaping and Zeroscaping maintain your front and backyard to not only match but exceed your expectations. Have the perfect yard you have always dreamed about by allowing us to prove why we’re the best landscaping company. Using our expertise, we will provide yard cleanup services after all the leaves and branches have fallen and before the winter snow lays on top of them. After the snow has melted, though, rely on our restoration services to help bring your landscape back to life.

Services We Offer

  • Landscape renovations
  • Rockscapes
  • Sod
  • Grass
  • Gravel
  • Mulch & Bark Installations
  • Sprinkler Repairs & Installs
  • Bush Trimming & Pruning

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