Zeroscaping Services

Zeroscaping Services

Residential Zeroscaping From the Grass Masters

Utah residents have trusted us for many years to help take care of their lawns with our landscaping services. They know we come prepared with the right tools and the knowledge to help them achieve their yard goals. No matter the season, our customers rely on us to make sure their landscaping stays safe and is protected from whatever weather elements blow through your city. Give us a call today to begin working with our well-qualified team of landscapers. Together we’ll discuss the curbside appeal you want to add to your home and how we can help make your landscaping dreams come true.

Zeroscaping In Utah's High Desert

Are you ready for a new look and feel for your yard, but not sure how to plan around the rising water restrictions in Utah’s high desert landscape? With the growing concern of drought restrictions throughout the West, many Utah homeowners are considering their best options to help slow water consumption across the board.

Zeroscaping is the process of removing one’s grass and replacing it with dirt, gravel, and rocks. Zeroscaping also eliminates yard features such as placed plants, mulches, or hardscaping, bringing simplicity to Utah’s homeowner’s lawns.

Zeroscaping is growing in popularity throughout the high west desert locations alongside other landscape options such as Xeriscaping. Both landscape types are considered water-efficient and will be the look of future homes throughout the West. Zeroscaping is one of the best landscape alternatives for Utah homeowners looking to reduce their overall landscape water use. Contact our team to find out more info on changing the landscape of your yard today.

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Completely HOA Compliant Landscaping

In our tenure as landscaping professionals, we have worked with many different HOA (Home Owners Association) restrictions and guidelines. From Ogden and Park City to Lehi and Tooele, our staff has traveled to and offered our landscaping expertise in yards all over Utah. We have the knowledge, ingenuity, and imagination to help your landscaping goals come to life while staying within the neighborhood rules. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance visits as well as keep your yard within those guidelines.

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